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BSA Outdoor Education Camp
11_Mining Camp Evening
2_Overall Aerial
3_Entry Portal
4_Dining Hall
6_Ranch Camp 1
8_Mine Camp Activity Shelter

The Outdoor Education Camp developed by the Boy Scouts of America is located on 210 acres of former grazing property on a bluff overlooking Irvine Regional Park.  As the only year round youth wilderness camp in Orange County, it serves a  variety of youth organizations such as the Girls and Boys Clubs, YMCA, Girl Guides, and the Orange County Outdoor Science Foundation. The design goal of the Wilderness Camp is to provide an authentic “camp experience.” In order to preserve the natural surrounding landscape, including native coastal sage scrub and oak forests, the majority of the Camp property was not graded. Unpaved walking paths and trails connect buildings throughout the facility. Strategic land berming and vegetation cover allow for the camp to  blend into the surrounding hills while providing effective view screening from the adjacent residential communities.

Awards: “Best of the best award” by Urban Land Institute, 2011.

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