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Melzer Deckert & Ruder Architects, Inc.

Professional Services


MDR offers a full range of architectural and interior design services encompassing conceptual design through construction observation phases. We are able to prepare initial site concepts and schematic design drawings rapidly, with graphics that are suitable for formal and public presentations. MDR's scope of work entails the traditional architectural delivery system and utilizes AIA contracts whenever possible. In order to ensure that the intended quality of the design is provided, MDR coordinates documents with the consultant team and our clients.   



MDR furnishes land use planning services for site specific projects, including large land tracts for community and regional developments.  MDR creates plans and concepts which determine the density, distribution, activity, and phasing objectives for both raw land and under-utilized or re-zoned parcels.  We work closely with the developer to meet economic and social criteria for the long term success of land improvements.  MDR typically prepares exhibits for public display and governmental submission.  



MDR provides the design expertise to implement future development within the urban environment.  Infrastructural needs, transportation patterns, and maintaining the contextual integrity between adjacent existing and proposed developments are investigated and analyzed. MDR is able to synthesize the opportunities and constraints of a given urban site into a viable plan for the future development of individual buildings, city blocks, or neighborhoods. 



On international projects, MDR provides services as a Design Consultant with architects and  engineers local to the region.  MDR takes the lead in terms of design concept and the initial design work, which consists of conceptual, schematic, and design development phases. The local architect and engineering consultants provide technical assistance as this initial work progresses. During the latter phases of the design process and throughout construction, MDR periodically reviews construction drawings and provides regular site visits to maintain continuity of the design.

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